Annual Report


It has been an honor to be the serve as the first elected president for the Hearts for Autism Fund. As a special project supported by the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico and with the help of our generous donors, we have been able to expand our outreach efforts to our local community. This past year, the Heart for Autism Fund hosted two nationally renowned professional speakers to educate teachers, professionals and families affected by autism as a long-term investment into our community. We also continued our outreach efforts to support families with children newly diagnosed with autism and connect them with vital community resources.

In addition, the Hearts for Autism Fund has expanded our summer programing for children with autism to include three summer camps. We continued Camp New Amigos, which is a safe place for children with autism to have fun and experience a true recreational camp tailored to their individual needs. And for the second summer, we offered Camp P.A.L.S, a camp focused on teaching social skills for children and young teens with high functioning autism. Finally, in summer 2016, we began piloting a new camp model, Camp iCan, which focused on integrating and supporting children with autism in existing summer camps with typical peers.

I am very grateful for the commitment and hard work of our Hearts for Autism Fund members, community partners, and volunteers to provide support and services southern New Mexico for families affected by autism. The Hearts for Autism Fund is looking forward to another fantastic year of serving our community.


Amanda Vescovo
Hearts for Autism Fund