Morgan Harding

Camp iCan is a win-win situation! Kids with autism get an opportunity to be part of community camps. Camp counselors and typically developing kids get an opportunity to interact with the kids with autism. The mission of Camp iCan focuses on showcasing students’ abilities! We look forward to expanding Camp iCan to include more kids and more camps next summer 2017.

Judy Silva (Parent)

The Parent Support Services program by the Hearts for Autism, led by Mrs. Marisa Cano, has provided my family with essential support since my son was diagnosed with Autism. It is an excellent centralized guide for services and resources targeted to individual needs and local community access.  It has guided me and my family with education on the topic, and has supported and empowered us from finding individual therapies, to school/group instruction, to in-home training to community integration. In my opinion, the program is a vital part of the system.  I hope it continues to expand and grow to serve many more families, as is the beginning of a life long journey of integration, awareness, support and empowerment to those impacted by Autism.

Donna Kulpa (Parent & Autism Resource Library Patron)

I love to come in and learn about the new items and learn what’s new and what’s out there for my boys. Marisa Cano (Hearts for Autism Fund Employee) and Jeni Raess (LCPS Autism Social Worker) are very helpful resources during all of my visits. I also like that I can call and make arrangements to go by the library for a special occasion if needed. Very accommodating.